About Us

Photo of Bernie Lademann

After spending over 13 years as a successful professional engineer, I underwent a career change and found my true passion – working with people to realise their creative visions. I spent the next 6 years perfecting my videography skills, while at the same time working as a 3D computer animator creating 30 second animated pieces for TV commercials, working under the name of Flying Samurai Animations.

Working with 3D animation, especially, allowed me to develop a good understanding of shot composition, lighting and emotion, since my characters had to imitate human behaviour and build a connection with the audience. What I came to understand is that there is a very close connection between videography, movie direction and 3D animation.

In order to be a good cartoonist or animator you must first understand and interpret your surroundings, people, interactions and body language. This is why all of the great movie directors are also great observers of life. It is also one of the reasons the good ones can convey so much emotion and story in a simple wordless shot of two people gazing at each other! They film people with a purpose in mind, to tell a story that will live on, longer than the day. These are movies that you will take off the shelf time-after-time again – and these are the movies that I create when I film at a wedding.

My background in 3D animation also makes me the ideal choice when you need to add 3D animated elements into your video footage. I have found this to be ideal for training videos, but if you want something a bit different it is also available for your wedding video!

Running around holding up a camera all day at a wedding can be quite challenging physically. To help keep up with these demands, I continue to regularly train in and teach martial arts. After 14 years of dedication to my martial arts, I have found it to be a rewarding and complimentary activity to my videography and animation.