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Fertile Cosmos Promotional Video

An effective way to promote your business is to include video content on your website and use video sharing channels such as YouTube.  We all know that anybody can use a modern smart phone and create a video, but it take a professional to make a video that looks polished and truly reflects your business image.  We have many years of experience in the advertising industry, assisting in putting together TV commercials. This gives us the edge when you want to pack that extra punch in your promotional video.  Keep in mind, having both computer graphics experience (3D animation) and videography capabilities gives you a lot of flexibility.  One thing you can be sure of, is that we can come up with a solution that is priced much closer to what a small businesses can afford for this type of marketing.

Animated Logos

FSP - Animated Logos Samples

Not considering video but still looking for that something special for your business?  Why not turn your 2D logo into a 3D logo, complete with animation.  For as little as $400, we can transform your 2D logo into 3D and then with anything from simple camera animation, to complex character animation, we can create a dynamic 3D animation which your clients will remember.  You can use this animation as a tag for a TV commercial, cinema advertising, or on your website. We can also provide high resolution still images of any part of this animation, if you want to use the new 3D version for your letterheads or other promotional material, such as posters.  We exclusively use Maya for this.