Conference DVDsHaving a permanent video record of your conference on professionally produced DVDs is a valuable asset to your business.  This is particularly true if the conferences have special guest speakers, or training seminars where the subject matter is very technical.

When a session is being recorded by us, you can rest assured, that your conference delegates will all still have a good view of the presenter.  We  only use miniature video and audio recording equipment.  We also interface directly to the venue’s public address system, or fit our own lapel microphones on the presenter (if no PA is used).  This guarantees that the conference DVDs will have crystal clear audio, regardless of venue size.

In post production, we edit the video footage and optionally integrate the actual presenter’s video source material (overhead slides, movies, etc.) to give the best possible post-conference viewing experience.

The material is mastered on fully indexed DVDs and professionally duplicated or replicated as required.