Courier IconWe have a delivery solution tailored for every client.  Wedding videos are carefully assembled on-site on a custom made DVD, packaged and delivered to your door.

Conference videos are professionally duplicated, checked in our office and then couriered to your premises.

FTP IconHowever, for projects where delivery times are critical, or electronic delivery is preferred, we also offer electronic file download.For your convenience, we maintain a dedicated secure FTP Site Host for client access.  There is no restriction to filesize upload/download.  Once you are supplied with a personal username and password, you can access the site at any time to upload/download media files, or project documents.

You can use any FTP Client to access the site.  If you don’t have one or have never used one, we recommend  FileZilla as the FTP client of choice.  In your FTP client, simply fill out these three key fields, leaving everything else as default:

Username:  username (as supplied)
Password: password (as supplied)

Then just hit [Quick Connect] or [Go]

It is also possible to connect to the FTP Site Host using IE or Netscape/Mozilla, by entering the following URL (remember to substitute your username and password before the @) in the command line.

However, this is does not always work as expected and is not our recommended form of access.