Originally working under the banner of Flying Samurai Animations, Bernie Lademann, our freelance 3D animator has created numerous animated sequences for TV and Internet advertising.  He has a diverse background, including engineering, martial arts, videography and computer animation.  This has proven to be an advantage when it comes to 3D animation, visualisation of complex 3D objects and understanding character movement.  All you need to provide is an outline of what you want to see and be able to describe your target audience.  We can then assemble “virtual sets” (computer generated scenery), or simply have your new 3D animated character superimposed over actual video footage.

We only use state-of-the art, industry standard software tools including; Maya, Redshift, Vegas Pro and Corel. This ensures that any project taken on, is guaranteed to fit into your production pipeline.

Once your job is finished, approved by you and then rendered, it can be collected immediately from our in-house cloud hosting service. This ensures a rapid turnaround between idea and finished product.

No job is too small, we create anything 3D, from a tag, animated logo, or full TV commercial. Having a small team and low overheads allows us to offer very competitive rates, often enabling animation to be included on projects with restricted budgets.

So if you need a freelance 3D computer animator for you next project, look no further.